Slewing bearings are large size rolling bearings that can accommodate axial, radial and moment loads acting either in single or in combination or in any direction. They can perform both slewing movements as well as rotational movements.

Slewing Ring Bearing consists of:

  • Inner ring
  • Outer ring
  • Rolling elements – balls/cylindrical rollers
  • Polyamide spacers

The rings, one of which usually incorporates a gear are provided with holes to accommodate attachment bolts. The holes may be threaded. The raceways in the inner and outer rings are hardened and precision-ground. Integral seals made of nitrile rubber (NBR) keep the lubricant in, and contaminants out of the bearing.

KG can offer following variants:

      1. Ball Bearing 
        1. Single Row
          • Toothed light series (FK)
          • Un toothed light series (SK)
          • Flanged standard series (IFB, FFB,SFB)
          • Standard and Precision series (IG1, FG1, SG1)
        2.  Double Row
          1. Standerd Series (FG2)
      2. Roller Bearing
        1. Single Row
        2. Crossed roller standard and precision series (IR1, FR1, SR1)

KG Slewing bearing catalogue is available and can be provided on request.