KG International is proud to be associated with our new partner, Bonfiglioli, Italy. It is among the world’s largest gear and gear motor manufacturers with its own factories and BEST partners around the world. Bonfiglioli offers solutions for wind, mobile, industrial and photovoltaic applications.

The experience accumulated over 60 years of designing and producing specific, integrated and complete solutions has enabled Bonfiglioli to build up a vast amount of know-how in electronics, mechanics, hydraulics and electrotechnics. As a result, we can offer turnkey solutions to an extremely wide range of sectors, from industry to mobile machinery, as well as design components and systems for the green energy sector (photovoltaic, wind, biomass, etc.).

KG International is the BEST partner of Bonfiglioli.

BEST means that the production of industrial gears moves out in the key markets letting Bonfiglioli get closer to the end customer. KGI can offer assembly and conversion of helical, bevel, flat, worm and planetary gears from our own workshop with very short delivery time.

KG International exclusively represents products of Bonfiglioli in the Middle East & African region.

With the addition of this product, we are strengthening our movement to be a solution provider to our industrial customers.

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